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The house of Gübelin has long been built on a strong family bond and bold ingenuity. It even began through the marriage of Eduard Jakob Gübelin and the daughter of his business partner and mentor, Mauritz Breitschmid. A commitment to being first and best in all they do - including and especially relationships- is probably the most famous trait of Leo. Celebrate your regal spirit with the Gübelin Leo Charm from the 1980s. This exquisite Leo zodiac charm radiates with the majestic aura of the lion, capturing the essence of strength and leadership. Crafted from luxurious gold, this Leo charm is a symbol of courage and confidence. Whether you're a devoted astrology enthusiast or simply appreciate fine jewelry, this gold Leo charm is a perfect expression of your unique personality. Let your inner lion roar with this captivating Leo zodiac charm, a stylish and meaningful accessory that celebrates your astrological identity. Elevate your look and embrace your cosmic connection with the Gübelin Leo Charm, a timeless piece that embodies celestial charm.

Period: Vintage
Model: Leo
Year: c.1980s
Material: 18k Yellow Gold
Weight: 6 grams
Dimensions: 1 inch diameter
Condition: Pristine Vintage, Signed

Made in Switzerland

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